Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad......

I always make cards for my Mum and Dad.
This is the latest, for their wedding anniversary today.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Phone pouch

I made this today for my OH's mum. She had a new mobile
phone for Christmas for when she takes the dog a walk but
she always forgets it. She also can't hear it very well is it's
in her pocket. I said I'd make her a pouch to put round
her neck. Hope it's okay!

She likes poppies and wears a red coat. I knew that poppy

fabric would come in handy one day! Having a stash is good!

Monday, 28 December 2009

Christmas Presents

What do you get someone who has everything they need or
It gets more difficult every year deciding what to get people
doesn't it. I made these cushions for my OH's parents for
Christmas. I had the fabric printed with the images I'd taken
at different times. I just emailed the pictures and instructions
to the company. I only had a metre printed and I kept back a
couple of the large images for later. Space was filled in with
smaller images, each about 10cm square. They'll be used for
birthday cards and other gifts I'll make.
The fabric was steam fixed and they assure me it's fast. They've
produced it for upholstery projects and fashion fabrics.
I was impressed with the results.

The images were slightly different sizes, my fault. I had
to stitch a border round each image to make them all the
same size. Each large image was approximately 16 inches
square without the borders. I used 18 inch cushion pads.
I was pleased with the results and so were the recipients.
It was an interesting exercise and one I would consider again
for quilting purposes. I don't even do small scale printing at
home, we don't have an inkjet printer just a laser printer.

P4P's more detail

A few extras -
This is the pennant of 2 halves, not a lesser pennant.
The join can just about be seen - it's a utility stitch. I thought
it would be better than a normal zigzag stitch. I did think
of putting another backing on to stabilize the pennant
but it's not the done thing to cover the backof your quilting.

Now then, I'm in a quandry! I read somewhere the other day
that someone was having difficulty with the edges of their
pennant and there was plenty of good advice - duly noted
and taken on board. However, a comment was made to the
effect of judges don't like corded and zigzagged edges.
Oh dear, the zigzagged edges on my pennants won't go
down well. But then I thought, they're not being judged so
does it actually matter.
I'm a fan of zigzagged edges. I'm rubbish at satin stitch,
it doesn't matter how hard try, I'm still rubbish. I do layers of
zigzagging using all the colours I've used in the piece and an
open zigzag. I don't get lumps and bumps and the overall finish
is more subtle. I have used this sort of edge for years on items
that have to be hard wearing. In this instance I use a polyester
thread. I know this edge is not suitable for every quilted item.
Surely choices such as appropriateness of fabric, thread and
technique, are made with the end use in mind.
My pennants nearly got consigned to the recycling bin
but then I remembered the spirit in which we are being
asked to so this. So my pennants will posted just as soon
as the finishing touches are done. I hope they fullfil the
brief set. By the way, I enjoyed making them - should
have been doing Christmas stuff!!


After the success of the 'Little Gems' (Aug 2009) and the
Bag tombola (Aug 2008) at the FOQ, what would come next?
It's 'Pennants for Patchworkers'.
I'd already decided to take part what ever it was going
to be. So here goes, this is my take on it.........
I wanted to be able to produce a series of pieces, here's
how I started. The pennants are A4. I started with an
A3 piece of paper and divided it into 3 pennants and
2 halves - below..........
I hate being wasteful so put the 2 halves together - logical!!
This was the result. I think I'm pleased............................
They just need labels, more photographs then sending to
the appropriate person.

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Boxing Day

Boxing Day and time for some fresh air and a walk.
As it's Saturday aswell my OH suggested a walk with his
mate as usual. Off we went to Calke Abbey, very cold but sunny.
We had a walk together then it was time for the big boys walk
and I went home in the car. They weren't stranded, they were
going to walk home.
The wanderers return. I had already had a phone call to
ask me to run a bath for the dog. Being a little chap with
a low undercarriage he gets filthy. He doesn't like it but
he doesn't like being dirty either!
A good time was had by all!!....................

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas ..............
Well, it's nearly time. Just been to do the last bit of shopping,
nothing absolutely essential but it's all done. Just got to do a few
final jobs.
I am a fan of Gisella Grahams christmas decorations and I try
to buy just one each year. This year, though, I haven't seen any
I really like but perhaps it's because buyers haven't chosen
the ones I like and the price - they aren't cheap (the ones I like).
My tree..... I don't do huge amounts of decorations. It may not
be big but I like it to be OTT.
I was up early this morning (not the only one I'm certain) and
got started with some jobs on todays list. One job was to make
a trifle. After using what cake I needed I put the rest out for the
birds. I caught this chap having a taste when it got light. Not a
good photo I know, sorry. I also saw a blackbird and a magpie.
If it's not on the list and I haven't thought of it by now, tough!!
We'll survive!!
Have a good holiday. Be safe if you have to travel.