Free Machining 101

When:         1st Wednesday of the month, January - April 2015
Time:            9.30 - 12.30
Where:        Café area, Brewhouse Arts Centre, Burton on Trent
Cost:           £5

This course will take you through the basics of ‘Free Machining’ with your sewing machine, though you must have some experience with a sewing machine.
The aim of the course is to introduce you to a variety of techniques and materials through sampling.
You will also learn how to take care of your machine.

Session 1: Free machine quilting.

1 Sewing machine:
  You should be able to lower the teeth (or feed dogs) on your machine.
  You will need your user manual - download one for free on the internet, search make
  and model of machine.
  Make sure you have a new standard needle.
  Your machine should be PAT tested, this can be arranged during the first session.
  You will also need a darning foot or similar.

2  Fabric:
    Polyester cotton sheeting - it doesn’t have to be new, plain is best.
    I bought a pair of pillowcases from a supermarket for about £2, turned them inside out and
    cut off the seams, lots of fabric. 

3 Wadding:
   Low loft wadding, ‘kiddie’ felt, Dunelm’s curtain lining with fused wadding.
   I will have some wadding to purchase.

4 Thread:
   Ordinary polyester sewing thread, any brand, any colour that will show on your fabric.

5 Sewing kit:
   You will need  fabric scissors, pins or safety pins.

6 Notebook and pen:

7 Cleaning kit:
   Small brush  - you may have one supplied with your machine
  Cotton buds, sewing machine oil, tissues, microfibre cloth.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all of these, all will become clear in the first session.
Tip - I use a heavy duty trolley to ‘carry’ my machine from the carpark to the café area.
It’s easier to pull my machine than actually carry it.
Session 2: Free machine embroidery and Solubles.
1   Poly/cotton fabric - as before
2   Thread to be seen
3   6” wooden embroidery hoop with smaller hoop bound with bias tape
4   Soluble fabrics
5   Notebook and pencil 
Session 3: Applique and fusibles.

1    Main fabric - patchwork cotton or similar, doesn’t have to be plain but not highly patterned.
2    Fabric to fuse - fabrics and colours that will work with the main fabric.
3    Backing fabric - poly/cotton or cotton
4    Fusible - bring what you have, I will bring some to the session.
5    Wadding - as before.
6    Thread - to work with all fabrics.
7    Sewing kit
8    Sewing machine - with free motion foot, don’t forget you’re ordinary foot.
9    Notebook and pen/pencil.

Session 4: using your free machine homework!

1    Free machine quilted piece
2    Threads used in your quilted piece
3    Sewing kit including tape measure and/or ruler
4    Sewing machine
5    Notebook and pen/pencil
6    If you have it - rotary cutter and cutting mat.

If you have any questions please get in touch:
01332 705951
 Sue Turner