Saturday, 22 January 2011

New bag, new toy

I had a new toy this week it's for taking pics,
hopefully better ones!
I also made these to give away for a fund raising event.
I hope they'll be okay. I've just re-read the email about it
and the theme is supposed to be the area where the
event is being hosted. There's plenty of time so maybe
I'll so some research before I send them off.
I found this bag here before Christmas and I've just
got round to making it up. I never completely follow
patterns exactly. I wanted to try the 'raggy' technique
and I also wanted to try using polyester fleece for
quilting the blocks. Both worked well.
However, I did make the house rather smelly inorder
to be able to finish the bag. I tea dyed some webbing
to make a more serviceable colour.
And of course I always make one unplanned detour
from the plan or a mistake (the brain stopped
functioning). I meant to stitch the handles on before
I stitched in the lining. No worries, at least the lining is
secure. I don't like shoulder bags that are open so I put
a zip in.
This small project ticked a few boxes:
- new technique, polyester fleece wadding, secure bag,
- used supplies from the stash, satisfaction on completion.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sketchbook Project

Last autumn after much thought I decided to take the
plunge and send off for a sketchbook from here:
I read and thought alot about it. I kept thinking three things:
1. I do fabric and thread, particularly free machine work;
2. I think it's good to touch textiles when it's appropriate;
3. I'm rubbish at doing sketchbooks. I tend to work straight
into fabric and do loads of samples.
So, why do it?
It's a great opportunity to allow people to touch textiles and to
show how I work.
I did loads of samples to find out the best fabric combo to
stitch into. It had to be a cotton fabric with a stabiliser.
The fabric was pfd cotton that I had snow dyed at the
beginning of December. As for the stabiliserLutradur won
- firm without the thickness of vylene. I was able to machine
embroider with this combination without the fuss of a hoop!
This is a page from the book, the colours aren't great -
apologies for that.
I seem to draw better with a needle but you might
disagree with that!
Doing this project has made me think how I want to take
my work this year. It's also made me realise that
working straight into fabric is okay. What I need to do
is to formalise all my bits of samples - somehow -
instead of shoving them in a folder never to see the light
of day again.
I like the thought of never having my sketchbook in my
hands again.
Well, it's gone now and it's onto other things.
Journal quilts, postcards, put 'em in's and my own stuff.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Snow Dyeing

As promised, the results of my snow dyeing

I want to do some more!
I know the snow and the low temperatures have been a pain would be good to have another go!!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year.......................
It was cold but pretty and the snow had frost!