Sunday, 24 August 2008

Change of scenery, thanks

Had a change of scenery today. Went out for Sunday lunch
at my mates house. He was very cautious with me but was
still pleased to see me. I still make a good look out post.

The other thing I forgot to say yesterday was 'thankyou' to all
the makers at the FOQ and all those invloved for making the show
possible. I know there are a lot of volunteers who we never see that
do a great job, including a team of firemen who are a godsend
with their cordless drills/screwdrivers, stepladders, size,
strength and humour.
I spoke to lady from Austria who has been coming to the FOQ from
the start. She comes for all four days with a group of friends.
Apparently they love the choice of fabrics and threads we have here.
Of course they have mail order but it's good to see and touch.
She did say that buying books is off limits due to the extra weight
for the flight home!
We are lucky in the UK it seems.

Bye .............................

Saturday, 23 August 2008


Had a slight accident with a large heavy object at the
beginning of the week. I ended up in casualty and having
a temporary cast put on my foot.

Had to go back the next day. Had the cast removed and
a dressing put on. Still had to have crutches though.
It's really hard putting your underwear on with one hand
and standing on one leg.
Am fed up, can't even stand long enough to make a cuppa!
The other half is having to do everything and doing a good
job too.
I have to go up and down stairs on my bum, not elegant but
practical. It's hard getting upright at the top of the stairs and
frequently I end up collapsing in fits of giggles.

And - it's my sewing machine foot! Aagh!!!!!
Don't know how long I'll be out of action.
Ah well, accidents happen!

Bye .........................................


More of those that catch the eye.

'Tea ceremony' by Jane Rowland. This did not immediately

stand out as being made from teabags.

'Flower Garden' byJenny O'Neill. This caught my because

of the subject matter but also the techniques. I'm wanting

to have a play with printing techniques but can't at the moment -

tell you why later.

'Sognare Venezia' (Venice Dreaming) by Pauline Barnes. The use of

thread and stitching the negative not the positve was so effective.

A piece from 'Colour FX' - yummy piece.
Janet Twinn - some varied and interesting work.

I could go on posting pics of pieces that caught my eye.

Of course there were pieces that could not be photographed

that I wish I could show you. For those I bought catalogues or


Got to go, visitors just turned up!


The Festival of Quilts - what a show! Lots to see and lots to buy!
It's hard to pick out an absolute favourite, so here are just a few
that stood out for me for various reasons.
'Five of the best!' by Erica Johnston - made me smile.
'Spring of Desire' by Ted Storm. A beautiful, striking quilt.
When I was stewarding on this category I was asked if this
was my quilt - I wish!

'Herd Mentality' by Ferret. Can't help but smile at the subject matter.
The Guild challenge 'Elemental' by Stephanie Redfern.
Dorothy Caldwell, a maker of great pieces. I shall have to do another post to finish off the FOQ.


Saturday, 9 August 2008

Birthday teabag doll, holiday

I dug this out of the garden sometime ago and finally got
round to taking it to the tip. I rather liked it and was tempted
to keep it but I didn't!!!! I made this for a friends birthday. She's a teabag doll
with aspirations on becoming a 'wild woman'.
Happy Birthday - you know who you are!

We're off on holiday tomorrow. Will have loads of photos

and will share when I return.

Bye .....................................