Monday, 22 February 2010

Snow dyeing

I remembered this last night - I missed a chance to do some
snow dyeing yesterday. It would have been perfect.
Never mind. It was more important to get the fibres.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Snow, fibres and othe extras

Well, what a day! Woke up to this today of all days,
totally unexpected. Had to go out to collect some fibres
for a felt making workshop on Tuesday. Couldn't rely on
the post to get them to me in time, only knew about it
10 days ago. The OH was tasked with taking me
Just signs of birds and cats or foxes in the garden.
Not sure what these marks are but I think they are made
by bird wings.
The robins were the first of the feathered visitors to come
after I'd put out breakfast.
This was how it looked at the front of our house when we
left on our intrepid journey.
We went through the road widening road works on the M1.
Just 2 lanes ........

Due to snow problems on the motorway we had to leave
the M1 at the Meadowhall junction and go across Tinsley
Viaduct - that's what it used to be called!
Meadowhall, still loads of people going in despite the weather.
The sat.nav. took us on a pretty route but with lots of snow.
Thank goodness for four wheel drive.....

We ended up here, Wentworth village ......
We were heading for Wingham Wool Work.
I'd already ordered this......
but had to get some more coloured tops, a hat block and
some cotton gauze.
Needed to call at the local garden centre for a cuppa and loo stop.
Hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows is the thing for a
snow day.
The staff at the garden centre had been working very hard
to clear the car park and footpaths.
Back to the M1 and 3 lanes now but very wet.
The sun made an appearance......
And this is what we came home to. It didn't feel like the same day.
Our adventure is over! Time to download photos and get
tea started.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

The latest pieces to be finished.

It's been a while......
This squirrel is a frequent visitor and sometimes brings a
friend a long. Only saw the one this time.
Obviously, not in my garden. I encountered these recently.
A family of swans, mum, dad and five one year olds. Also
the usual ducks. The swans were very used to humans.
The youngsters gave me a peck or two when they knew I'd
got food, they weren't nasty, it was more like a child tugging
on your sleeve for attention.
This character started appearing in the garden when we had
snow on the ground. It's a jay and is very skittish, so no good pics.
Sometimes he brings a mate with him who is even more nervous
of humans.

I finally finished these for Pennants for Patchworkers.
They only needed labels.

I also finished two more bonnets for the Roses from the Heart project
The hearts are fused to a fine calico then free machined stitched
all over.

Lastly, I have just finished this A6 journal cover.
It's all hand stitched with everything coming from my stash
of stuff.

I haven't finished the brick wall yet. I must get in the garage
to find my car spray paints to finish it off with some graffiti.