Sunday, 13 September 2009

Gift, Patchwork

Back in April we went to see my OH's parents, they
weren't in but we were spotted by one of the neighbours.
This lady has always been a big knitter and sewer.
She gave me a large bag, said she was having a clear out
and could I make use of this?
Never one to say no, this is what I accepted.........

She had started this project back in the 70's using Laura
Ashley offcuts and adding other fabrics into the mix.
It was never completed and had been lurking in a cupboard
ever since. I was honest from the beginning and said that
I probably would never complete it either. She didn't mind
as long as it was used some how. She knows that I'm not
always traditional in my textiles!
I consider this a great gift - when you think of the hours of
work, the preparation all done by hand. Now, I don't want to
finish it but I do want to use it - is that bad?
As soon as I looked in the bag ideas started to form........

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


The garden has been in need of 'sorting' for a while.
We've recently spent time just cutting back to see what's
beneath. This was a clump of Crocosmia that I'd put in
about 15 years ago and should have been divided about
every 3 or 4 years - or not! This was before the clump had
been sorted. I've been giving away bags of bulbs and the
rest will go to the WI. Some have gone back in to the
same border.
The gardenis looking better but it doesn't really look like
ours any more, there's too much soil showing.
Can't remember what these are called but they're a
relative of a wild flower and seem to like it in our garden.
We have a clump of horseradish that has never been
used but has given a great display of large green leaves
each year. Something has always enjoyed these leaves -
the caterpillars of the cabbage white butterfly.
They create these lacy leaves, I like them but I'm sure
a real gardener wouldn't!
I was given a marrow the other day. I made an apricot and
walnut stuffing - stuff I'd got in the cupboard - and stuffed it.
Was rather yummy! Thank you H. The rest of the stuffing got
nibbled at suring the evening and never made it to the freezer!
I stuffed the rest of the marrow with minced beef and onions
later in the week. Still yummy!

Festival of Quilts - last one!

The NEC at night, not scary but wierd! took this whilst waiting
for my lift to arrive on the Sunday evening.
The bonnet on the right is one of mine. It's for
Roses from the Heart : Christina Henri, Conceptual Artist
A worth while project.
The goodies - fabric, some for my mum and some for me!
More fat quarters - do I really need any more?
Other bits and bobs that I can't resist.
Finally, the winners, with pictures, can be found here
Congratulations to all the winners.
Also a huge congratulations to the Little Gems CQGB team
and to all those who donated or bought tickets for the massive
amount they raised with the Little Gems - I believe that £9,700
was raised.
Came home with lots to think about.