Thursday, 5 February 2009

Fastenings, tulips, more snow

I made these for a fastening or closure for a notebook cover,
more about that at a later date.
My lovely purple tulips are now consigned to the compost bin.
I still like them like this!
And guess what - it snowed again. The weather men got it
right today. No buses or mobile library, wouldn't go out in the
car, so I called for my 4 legged mate and went for a walk
this morning. We went to a nearby rec. and he had a really
good run round. We saw these brilliant snowmen whilst we
were out. It was really good to see families having fun in
the snow.
Happy snow day!

Monday, 2 February 2009

Autumn Angel, snow

This is what we had today, looks beautiful but caused havoc!

I do like the teazles, they look quite comical with their snowy

hats on.

Some potential ideas for quilting.

Had to have new tyres less than 2 weeks ago - aren't

they good!

Autmn Angel in her temporary new home. Had to have

permission from the gallery owner to take the picture.

Didn't want to upset anyone thinking I was taking pics of their


Bye ......................................