Monday, 28 July 2008

Sun, shopping bags and sale

I put our big brolly up on Sunday morning with the intention of sitting
outside but it was too hot. I caught this sleek black thing catching
some shade under the bench which was under our brolly!
I wanted to contribute to the Bag Tombola at the FOQ at the NEC
in August but not being a patchworker was at a loss at what to do.
I eventually decided to make a shopping bag and make a pouch
for it. I hope it will be good enough. The shopping bag was made
from some poly/cotton and I made sure the seams were double
stitched and the handles strong. The pouch was made by layering
some furnishing fabric (left over from the doorstop), some orange
poly/cotton and some polyester voile for slippiness then free
motion stitching the layers together just following the design on
the fabric.

I saw this in the supermarket today when it was sweltering outside

at 9.30am and it tickled me. I wonder if they'll return to full price when

we get the showers that are forecast this week.

I've been doing abit of dressmaking at last, no photos yet. Soon......

Bye .......................

Friday, 25 July 2008

Skies, garden, making stuff

Made this last week - a door stop, it won't damage the back
door which is plastic! It's filled with sand and crushed oyster
shell - it's used for the bottom of bird cages!

Spent time an the M1 last weekend , the skies were fab.
Couldn't resist taking pics.

The garden - some stuff is looking great, though some are past

their best. I have 4 teazle plants this year, onw is at least 6 feet tall.

They are flowering at the moment and looking quite good.

I found some bird seed fat balls in the garage and decided the
birds should have them now. The starlings had quite a fight over
them. A lone sparrow was determined to get his share as did
a blue tit. I don't particularly like starlings but they were

This is the finished postcard, just needs posting now.
Bye ..........................

PS ...............remember the fish quilt. It's now at the depot ready to go to

the Festival of Quilts.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Catch up

Made this for a friend. Haven't sent it yet. Must do it soon.

Had a play with the new toy. Did this piece for a challenge.
Read about here - hope the
link works. It's for a good cause. It's bigger than a postcard
but it will get chopped up.

Came down the M1 on sunday evening and saw this sight as

we approached the A50 exit. Missed the lightening, wasn't

quick enough with the camera. Bye ..................