Sunday, 10 January 2010

2010 so far

Isn't it interesting outside at the moment.
These two pied wagtails are tucking in.........
I heard an odd noise that turned out to be a duck being
chased by a cat. The duck decided to fly and the cat just
sat down in the snow. The ponies just carried on eating!
I didn't get my camera out in time to capture the duck -
on film.
It's good to be a kid occasionally......
Bread and butter pudding with a twist - made with mincemeat
leftover from Christmas. No need to butter the bread, there's
suet in the mincemeat. Made it to take out for lunch. It sink abit,
these sort of puddings always do.
Now for some Textiles.............
This piece is a response to 'Word for 2010' from the
Quiltart list. What is your word for 2010? - something
to inspire, motivate, keep you focused. It doesn't matter
as long as it works for you. I couldn't make my mind up -
what a surprise! The words other people chose seemed
so good and I could identify them with too. I remembered
an image used in a teaching excercise about relationships
with year 8 pupils in PSE(Personal and Social Education).
The image - a brick wall. Upto now, a negative image for me
but in this context , a positive one. It's to do with the
importance of foundations. I made a list of all the words
for my wall. Whilst doing this one word and a phrase
kept coming back to me repeatedly.
The fabric is hand-dyed, probably pleated in a tray.
I measured out the size and lines with a pencil and
stitched just to anchor the fabric.
I free machine quilted the words, not in any particular order.
Then the bricks were stitched.
The back of the piece.
It's curing at the moment as I've used Markal paintsticks on it.
BTW - there are one or two spelling mistakes. Does it matter??
Also I haven't forgotten to say what my 'word' is.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year

Happy NewYear
Good health and Creativity in 2010
Haven't decided yet.
Perhaps the first should be not to procrastinate!!!