Saturday, 6 September 2008

Icicle doll/fairies, sunflowers

I was allowed out the other day. We went to the supermarket
for supplies and a visit to the opticians for him. Whilst he
had his eyes tested I did the shopping. I was worn out by the
time I'd finished and I only forgot one thing. I did find a good
bargain - it's good to know some things don't disappear.
These sunflowers were on offer, 2 for 1, so they ended up in
the trolley.
I also finished the other pieces I was making. The icicle doll/fairy
on the left is for another birthday card. The one on the right
was a trial one that ended up being too big.
The other half is off with the dog having a very wet walk, the
first in 2 months. It'll be fun when he gets back - soggy!!!

Bye ...................

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Wild woman

As I have not been able to use my sewing machine I decided
I should do some hand stitching. A female relative has an
important birthday coming up - the big four oh!! She is having
a party and doesn't want any presents. So I decided to make her
a great birthday card. A wild woman was needed. This is the
result. I'm quite pleased with her and I'm still no good at faces.

Bye .....................