Sunday, 20 January 2008

Happy New Year; vermicelli; dragon

Happy New Year!

Have been unable to post due to being disconnected from the internet repeatedly. However my other half seems to have solved it.
Anyway, I have actually managed to do some textiles. I'd got some shirt weight dress fabric with a very broad navy blue on white print. I quilted each stripe with white thread then went over it all with blue Markal paint stick. Had to leave it to cure for 48 hours then put a layer of blue polyester organza on top and quilted each stripe again. I'd been reading about variations in vermicelli and decided this would be the quilting but an angular variation. It worked well so I made another piece.

For this piece I used the same fabric but with a narrower stripe. This picture shows the piece before its layer of organza and second layer of quilting.
I have a thing about these layers at the moment, but I must develop it and move on or leave it.
Went to see my Mum and Dad and wanted to take something to eat. I saw this fruit in the supermarket the other day. It's a 'dragon fruit' or pitahaya. It's the fruit of the Central and South American cactus. I was taken with the colour. Isn't it great! It had a sweet taste and a texture similar to a kiwi fruit. It wasn't unpleasant but wasn't particularly remarkable, just amazing to look at. Lots of vitamin C and fibre.
It's been good to read all my favourite blogs again. I felt very isolated when I couldn't read them.
Happy New Year again to everyone.