Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow Dyeing

Yet again, a long blogging gap.
It's snowed!!
Decided not to miss out on the opportunity this time.
On Sunday I put some fabric to soda soak. Then came
the problem of what containers to use for the process.
I like to use what I've got.
I've got - a load of small-ish heavy duty plastic bags
and lots of cat litter trays in two sizes.
Plastic bags - snip holes in the bottom for drainage.
Use small litter tray, upturned and in the larger one -
to catch the dye and melted snow.
What I've learned - get organised before you add snow,
wear warm gloves then rubber gloves ot move the snow,
make sure you have enough room to leave the trays (not
on top of the freezer!).
Results later, waiting to do more dyeing.
Patience, they tell me, is a virtue!!!!