Sunday, 25 October 2009

Happy Birthday Gloria

Happy 50th Birthday Gloria
Hope you have a brilliant day.
I was given this beautiful card on my 50th birthday last year
and thought I'd share it with you. .

My OH was 50 in June this year. He climbed Ben Nevis in
Scotland on his birthday! - on his own!

Have a good one!

Saturday, 10 October 2009


Thought you might be interested in this........
A few years ago it was the 25th birthday of a local textile
group. They issued a challenge to produce a piece to

celebrate the occasion. If I remember correctly there was
a size limit, can't remember what it was. I racked my

brains and eventually came up with the idea of a charm
bracelet using inchies. It became a charm cuff.For the decorative side I bonded silver fabrics to some
vylene and machine embroidered to secure. For the
date side I marked out a grid on black fabric and
machine embroidered the dates, one in each square.
I machined the 2 sides together with 2 lines of stitching
then cut them up between the tram lines. Zigzagging
finished the edges of each square. Jewellery jump rings,
wire and beads were used to attach each inchie to a
machine stitched cord which was then handstitched
to the cuff. The cuff was a dark grey fabric and vylene.

The winner of the challenge was a beautiful machine
embroidered box. But really it was one of those occasions
when everyone was a winner. It was interesting seeing
everyones take on the challenge. Sorry no picture.
I set myself a challenge when I decided to this which was
not to spend any money! Not because I'm tight but
because I've got so much stuff I thought I'd use some of it.
I think I succeeded with the group challenge and my own.
In the past I've used inchies for making cards for all sorts
of occasions. I've used trimming from bigger pieces. I don't
like wasting anything.

Friday, 9 October 2009

New Pinny

I've been between major textile things because of the
garden but I have been busy-ish. I've been delving into piles
of fabrics and doing small projects or finishing off others.
It feels very virtuous to do these little things and the piles
are getting abit smaller, only abit though!

When I'm doing any thing messy I'm very bad at wiping my
hands down my sides. An ordinary pinny isn't substantial
enough. I was decided to re-purpose an old pair of jeans.
I seem to remember being inspired from a blog but for the
life of me I can't remember which one, so apologies for
having a bad memory and thank you for the inspiration.
I decided to make abit of a challenge out of it - to use as
much of the garment as possible and the only additional
item would be thread.
It took about an hour to de-construct the jeans sitting in the
garden in the September sunshine watching the resident
blackbird pottering about.
This was the result.............not a bad result, I think............

The front bib pocket........................
The neck strap formerly the waist band.............
The fastening at the back - more waistband..................and the
only 'extra' apart from the thread - a button for the fastening.......
The leftovers!