Sunday, 3 May 2015

Since we last spoke......

Since we last spoke lots has been going on .............
these small shoots are lovage and are now as tall as me. Incredible.
 This fella was just having a rest. I don't know how he balanced so well.
 Another cheeky fella trying to get the last scraps out of the feeders.
More incredible balancing.
 A beautiful sunset.
Cheeky slug. I was unaware that slugs like daffodils.
I do now.
 Parrot tulips  - they flower a little later that the red and yellow ones
in the garden but it's worth the wait.
 Dandelions attract the prettiest visitors, a peacock butterfly.
I'd already seen a large yellow butterfly about 3 weeks before this one.
This is the second blue butterfly I've seen this year.
It is blue, the sunshine is too strong.
Not a bad start to spring I think.