Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Lavender bags

Found a huge bag of French lavender that I bought to use for cooking.
I do like to have nice smellies in with my clothes. The fabric started
life as a dress in the 80's then became pyjama shorts and finally its
true role in life is lavender bags. The gold ribbon came off
Chritmas crackers and the blue is florists ribbon.
Things always have a use in the end.


Sunday, 6 April 2008

Snow, Trentham Quilt Show

This is what we woke up to this morning, snow!!!
Wonder what it will be like on the roads.

Well, here we are at last. Its finished. It got delivered and its hanging

hanging in its own little spot with its number. Wonder if we get feedback,

would be useful to know if you're on the right lines.

There was a great variety of styles, something to suit every one.
I wish I could show you more pics but I can't show other peoples

work without their permission. Congratulations to Jacquie,

winner of the Wallhanging category. I hope you enjoy your prize.

We did get feed back and it was much appreciated. I was amazed

I did so well, there were things that I thought would have been

penalised more. You always know what you could have done better.

For a first time, it went better than expected.

Collecting the quilts was interesting. I thought we were going to

be alot longer but we were away by about 5.15.

A big thank you to Margaret and her team for all their hardwork.

Home by about 6.15, stew and dumplings for tea.


Wednesday, 2 April 2008


Well, its finished, packed and been delivered to the venue by my other half.
Did have a wobbler, the organiser phoned me to ask if it had been delivered as
it hadn't been ticked off in the office. So last night was a bit sleepIess, worrying
if it had been thrown out with the rubbish or something just as daft. I phoned the
organiser, a lovely and very helpful lady, to check if everything was okay. Luckily
the quilt is where it should be. All that panic because of one little tick on a piece
of paper. Got to do some chores now.

Also had fun tonight joining an online textile group. I wanted to keep my own email
address but the instructions had changed, which I was warned about. Everything
turned out fine in the end, with a little help from the in-house tech support.

Might see you at the show on Sunday, I'm going to collect my offering. Looking
forward to seeing the whole show and doing abit of retail therapy.